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Ross Environmental Inc. is a family owned company based in the small, rural community of Trochu, Alberta. We serve all residential, commercial, industrial clients and are committed to using the safest and most cost efficient approaches in the asbestos abatement industry today. We specialize in asbestos inspections, sampling and abatement. We are fully certified and trained to detect which materials have the possibility to contain asbestos and how to deal with them safely. We focus on providing our clients with the safest asbestos removal possible, in order to protect your health and safety.

Asbestos contains harmful fibers that can attach themselves deep in the lungs and create long-term health hazards, including certain Cancers such as Mesothelioma (Cancer of the lining of the Chest or Abdominal Cavity), Asbestosis (scarring of the lungs making breathing difficult) and Lung Cancer. It is believed that there are no safe levels of exposure and can be extremely harmful over time.


Asbestos Inspections

An Asbestos Inspection involves a walk through of the building or room in question to establish which building materials may contain asbestos and what condition they are in. Before beginning any demolition, renovation or disturbance of materials in a building built prior to 1990 it is crucial that you have an Asbestos Inspection performed. Asbestos is a major health hazard and is proven to cause mesothelioma, asbestosis and eventually death.

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Asbestos Sampling

Asbestos Sampling is a form of destructive testing in which several small samples of the material suspected to contain asbestos is taken to and analyzed by a third party accredited laboratory. Asbestos containing materials must be treated in accordance with the government regulations when disturbed.

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Asbestos Abatement / Removal

There are three types of risk levels when dealing with asbestos in Alberta. Low Risk, Moderate Risk, High Risk and each category has its own set of procedures and rules.

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