Air Sampling

Air sampling needs to be performed for every asbestos abatement project. Air samples are taken before any work begins (background samples), during the abatement project on a daily basis, and a final air clearance sample once the project is complete but before the enclosure is dismantled. Daily personal occupational samples are also taken to ensure the work is being performed without the release of fibres and to make sure that workers are wearing appropriate respirators. Our knowledgeable team performs all air sampling for asbestos fibres to comply with Alberta Occupational Health and Safety exposure limits. All air monitoring is conducted following methods specified in the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Legislation (NIOSH Method 7400)

Air sampling can also be a useful tool in determining air quality (in regards to asbestos fibres) after an unexpected material release. Ex. When changing a light fixture, a small amount of grainy material (vermiculite) flows from the attic space into your living room. To put your mind at ease, we can test the air in the house to ensure that it is below the occupational exposure limit and that you are not putting yourself or family at risk. If a situation like this does occur, call us right away and DO NOT vacuum the material up. We have the correct tools to clean up without putting your family at risk.